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The simplest and most cost effective way to avoid water damage around your home is to maintain your gutters. Cleaning them twice a year, in Spring and Fall when the most organic material is flying through the air, is actually a very basic and preventative solution to avoid potential problems.

At Be Clear Window Cleaning we are:

  • Trained to work safely on ladders
  • Fully insured to work around your home
  • Ready to take this task off of your “to do” list
  • Experts at neatly doing this dirty job

We’ll give you peace of mind and at an affordable price.
In the warmer New England seasons, overflowing gutters due to clogging of gutters, drains and downspouts can lead to:

  • Loosened and hanging gutters
  • Water damage to wood fascia and trim boards
  • Ground erosion, and
  • Flooded basements

The winters in New England over the last few years have also shown the importance of keeping your gutters clean. Heavy snows are tough enough to deal with and clogged gutters that lead to ice dams are even more of a problem. The water that stands in the gutter, unable to travel down to the ground, will freeze, thaw and refreeze, pushing up into the shingles of your house. Soon, that water will thaw and move into your attic space, soffits, overhangs and down into your walls, where the real damage will occur.

A professional gutter cleaning service, provided by Be Clear Window Cleaning, means you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered. You won’t have to:

  • Lug out the heavy ladder
  • Worry about reaching dangerously high gutters
  • Attempt to walk on your roof
  • Risk serious injury (or worse) because of slipping or falling, and
  • Deal with the wet, foul smelling leaves and organic debris sitting in your gutters
  • Spend your valuable leisure time or time during your busy day on this task

We hand clear all gutters, removing the leaves, twigs, growing weeds, layers of organic sludge, and standing water. Some contractors will use leaf blowers to remove the debris and it ends up on your siding or all over your landscaping. We know that this is not what you want to see! After clearing the gutters and taking the debris with us, Be Clear Window Cleaning will flush and rinse all gutters and downspouts, ensure all screens are clear of clogs, and leave a clean job site. All components of your gutter system will be flowing freely. You’ll never even have to see or touch the ugly, wet, smelly debris that comes out of your gutters no matter how long it’s been sitting there.