Trusted Cleaners for Schools Shenley Church End

Trusted cleaners are an established bespoke cleaning company that only offers their services to schools, colleges and universities. We are specialists when it comes to cleaning in the education sector. Our quality of cleaning is second to none. There are many reasons to choose us ranging from our competitively priced rates, health and safety checked staff. And our Eco-friendly products.

Many people hire Be Clear Window Cleaning to have their windows cleaned because it’s just not their favorite thing to do and they would rather be enjoying their free time. Others recognize the inherent risk in scrubbing the glass on the second or third floor—or even higher if you have skylights. However, everyone knows that dirty, foggy windows will make your home look dull, dark, uninviting, and unattractive. Our professional window cleaners won’t leave your home until all the windows are squeaky clean. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful your property looks when the job is done.

Another benefit of clean windows is something great realtors and smart home sellers already know. A survey of 2000 real estate agents was done by the real estate website with the results published in the June 2003 issue of Money magazine. It showed washing windows to lighten and brighten a home, is the number one presale improvement yielding the best return on investment as measured by a higher selling price. The return was higher than De-cluttering, Landscaping, Plumbing & Electrical repairs, and Kitchen & Bathroom updates.

Not all companies will tell you their process but I share my window cleaning process with every customer before I start any job. I want you to know what to expect and to demonstrate that the quality of the job will be professional, thorough, and top quality.

Hover over the six steps for more details on each step in the washing/cleaning process.

No streaks, smears or fingerprints are acceptable!

As we work, we pay attention to detail, cleaning tracks, windowsills, and window frames where dirt can collect. We pride ourselves on our perfectionism. We strive to exceed your expectations so your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, always.